Our Philosophy

We Believe:

  • In providing a nurturing, equitable and safe environment for 3-5 year old children, full of variety, challenge, investigation, exploration, flexibility and choice, in a program that enhances developmental skills, education and interaction with peers and adults. The staff promotes individuality and support the interest of each child in the program.
  • The individual needs of each child, together with their family and ethnic backgrounds are welcomed and acknowledged for their inclusiveness and enrichment to the program. Self-identity and cultural / individual diversity is supported through the building of respectful relationships and the provision of experiences.
  • In preparing your child for later life through interesting and challenging activities in a stimulating environment that provides for individual reflection. We believe that early childhood is a unique, special and valuable stage of life. We aim to support and prepare children in their transition to formal schooling through building on strong school community relationships.
  • Our program will provide experiences that include social, emotional, cognitive, language, creativity and critical thinking skill development, which will be encouraged and fostered in each child in both quality indoor and outdoor environments using natural open-ended materials. Physical activities and gross motor skills as well as healthy eating are an important part of our curriculum. Sustainability practices and learning are also embedded in our curriculum. We support and embed the early years learning framework and its outcomes.
  • The quality and commitment of all staff is paramount, and their skills and knowledge are to be continually updated via critical reflection. Staff will foster self-esteem and self-confidence through kindness and warmth in a positive environment, as well as professionally guide children in their developmental growth and support children to achieve their goals.
  • Parents/ caregivers are engaged in partnership in our Centre and offer suggestions, which, as primary caregivers in their children’s lives, will be valued. Communication and respect between staff/ staff and staff/ parents is advocated in all areas and is based upon inclusive and equitable practices.